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Mikko Voutilainen

Mikko VoutilainenDr.Sc.(Tech), PhD

Assistant professor at U. Helsinki and HIP
Co-convener of CMS SMP-J (2016-2017)

Career highlights:
  • University of Helsinki, Finland
    - Assistant professor (tenure track) since Nov 2015.
    - Principal Investigator, "Precision measurements of QCD", 3-year project 2013-2016
    - Lecturer, "Structure of Matter", since 2013
  • CMS Experiment at CERN, in Geneva, Switzerland
    - CMS discovery of 'a' Higgs boson
    - Co-convener of SMP-Jets group 2016-2017
    - Co-convener of JetMET group 2014-2015
    - Co-convener of Jet Energy Corrections subgroup of JetMET 2011-2012
    - CERN Fellow 2009-2011
  • D0 Experiment at Fermilab, in Batavia, Illinois, USA
    - URA thesis award for best PhD thesis at Fermilab in 2008 (out of ~100)
    - Visiting Scholar at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln 2004-2007
  • Helsinki University of Technology (Aalto U.), in Espoo, Finland
    - Research and teaching assistant 2000-2003
  • Thomson Microsonics, in Sophia-Antipolis, France
    - Trainee summer 2001

  • Work address:
    Mikko Voutilainen
    Helsinki Institute of Physics
    P.O.Box 64
    00014 University of Helsinki

    email: Mikko.Voutilainen(AT)

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